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Because of the complex nature of your business, you need an accounting partner that has in-depth knowledge of your industry and can confidently serve as your advisor. Karsh & Co. professionals have decades of experience in helping a variety of entrepreneurs, business owners and other hardworking people increase profitability and avoid potential tax compliance issues.
Regardless of the industry in which you work, we recommend you take advantage of our on-boarding planning and consulting services, which allow us to take a deep dive into your financials, so we can best understand your specific needs and identify opportunities for growth. We rival larger firms in technical expertise in the following areas, while still delivering personalized attention, solutions and results.

Real Estate & Construction

We have assisted in even the most complex tax planning and accounting tasks for development, commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate clients. We work with a diverse network of professionals  — from attorneys, investors and brokers to cost segregation specialists and 1031 experts — to ensure every piece of your business is financially optimized.

  • Complex Operating Agreements & Deal Structuring
  • Real Estate-Specific Transactions (1031 & 1033 Exchanges)
  • Advisory Services for Structuring, Rates of Return &
    Risk Mitigation/Downturn Protection
CPA Services for the Real Estate and Construction Industry
CPA Services for the Research and Development Industry

Research & Development (R&D)/Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Funding

R&D companies benefit from our extensive start-to-exit experience. We are involved every step of the process — from structuring to protect the company’s founders, funding through SBIR grants, commercialization of R&D projects and, finally, to successful exits. With our knowledge of R&D credits, we will also help you mitigate taxes as you grow.

High-Net Worth

As a high-net worth individual, your tax planning and compliance needs require specialized expertise to protect your assets. We integrate estate and trust planning with our compliance to ensure a smooth transfer of assets to your loved ones.

CPA Services for the High-Net Worth Industry
CPA Services for Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales & Succession Planning

For a small accounting firm, we have made a big impact for our business clients. To date, we have assisted in over three billion successful exits. If you are considering merging or selling your company, let Karsh & Co. help with structuring to maximize the return to your owners. We will also help with succession planning for retirement, including transfers to key personnel or the next generation of your family.

Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

At Karsh & Co., we take great pride in supporting rapidly growing businesses and start-ups, particularly in our hometown of Denver, Colorado. When local companies and people thrive, so do the local economy and community. Our customized planning and business advisory services will help you start off and keep on the right track.

CPA Services for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs
CPA Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is particularly complicated, due to the intricate tax laws around each phase of the business lifecycle, including acquisition, drilling, operations and the disposition of each activity. All of these phases require special attention and industry-specific knowledge. With our team’s decades of experience, we can solve all of the complex tax problems and advise every step of the way in order to minimize tax liabilities and help you achieve higher profits.

International Taxation

Though we are based in Denver, our partners have years of experience in global operations, as well as entity structuring and compliance for international tax clients. We’re adept at expat tax returns for overseas individuals, as well as global reporting for international clients in the U.S. Our additional international taxation services include:

  • Addressing Inbound & Outbound Transactions & Concerns
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Analyzing Entity Structuring Under New Tax Law
CPA Services for International Taxation

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