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For many clients we serve, Karsh & Co. is the closest thing they have to a CFO. By being hands-on, we ensure your company’s tax compliance is done accurately, your private information is secure, and your questions have been answered.

We encourage every client to take advantage of our on-boarding planning and consulting services, which include a review of two years of tax returns, year-end tax planning, trend analysis and in-person consultation. This allows us to take a deep dive into your financials, so we can best understand your specific needs and identify opportunities for growth. Learn more about our specific tax planning, business consulting and accounting services below, and fill out our on-boarding form to get started.

CPA Services


Minimize tax liability, maximize confidence and cash flow: That’s our commitment to you, and we deliver by identifying financial opportunities in tax laws to optimize your business’s operations. We guide you through entity selection or restructuring to ensure you receive the greatest tax advantages.

Tax Return

Even the best-laid plans can fall apart in compliance, but not for our clients. We ensure that our tax planning gets executed accurately on the end product, the tax return, all while being able to deliver in your time frame.

& Business Advisory Services

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, our consulting and advisory services are designed to help you meet your financial goals.  We take a comprehensive approach, aiding in everything from trend analysis to deal structuring and more.

  • Trend Analysis
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators & Constraints to Profitability
  • Cashflow & Budgeting
  • Deal Structuring
  • Financial Modeling & Projections
  • Entity Selection & Restructuring
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IRS & State Representation

If you receive a tax audit or notice, let Karsh & Co. be your professional representatives. We will consult with you first about your options, and then serve as the liaison between you and federal/state agencies, saving you time and frustration while still fulfilling the agencies’ requests.

Estate & Trust Planning & Preparation

In this niche corner of wealth management, we have a dedicated network of specialized professionals. They will walk you through the entire estate and trust planning process to facilitate the transfer of assets and minimize the tax liability of your beneficiaries.


While tax compliance and consulting are our bread and butter, we also provide general accounting services, such as limited scope general ledger and payroll. Contact Karsh & Co. about your specific accounting needs.